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  Code Geass Episode Guide 06/19/2019 7:25am (UTC)

Episode 1 "The Day A New Demon Was Born"
Seven years after Japan was overthrown and renamed Area Eleven, Lelouch is now seventeen years old.  He's on his way to school when he's accidently caught up in a terrorist attack.  He comes upon a mysterious girl who gives him the power of Geass.  What exactly is Geass?

Episode 2 "The White Knight Awakens"
Lelouch uses his tactical skills and new found Geass powers to help the attackers fight against the Britannians.  Everything is going well until Prince Clovis calls in the Lancelot, a very powerful Knightmare.  The person piloting the Lancelot is Lelouch's childhood friend...

Episode 3 "The False Classmate"
Lelouch confronts his half brother Prince Clovis before killing him.  He meets Karen at school, who is a resistance fighter.  Lelouch learns more about Geass' limitations.

Episode 4"His Name is Zero"
After Suzaku is used as a scapegoat for the purists, Lelouch initiates a rescue plan with the help of the resistance fighters, including Karen.  Lelouch goes public as the mysterious Zero.

Episode 5 "The Princess and the Witch"
The mysterious girl, who Lelouch thought was dead, appears at his house alive and well.  She says that she is going to keep an eye on him to make sure he sticks with their contract that they made the day that they met.  Suzaku meets a girl in town and spends the day with her, only to find out that it's princess Euphemia.  Her older sister Cornelia has taken Prince Clovis' place.

Episode 6 "The Stolen Mask"
Suzaku enrolls as a student at Lelouch's school but isn't taken well by everyone, because he's the first eleven in an all Britannian school.  Lelouch's zero mask is stolen by the school cat.

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