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Colors - Flow
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On August 10th of 2010, The Holy Empire of Britannia defeated Japanese forces with their robotic weapons called Knightmare Frames.  Therefore, Japan lost it's freedom and it's name was changed to Area 11 of the Britannian Empire.  The Japanese, now known as Elevens, were forced to live in poverty while the Britannians live a high class life.  After the Emperor of Britannia failed to save his wife from assassination, leaving his daughter crippled and blind, his son Lelouch leaves him and vows to destroy Britannia.  Seven years later Lelouch accidentally gets involved with a terrorist attack and comes upon a mysterious girl who is being held prisoner.  The girl, known as C.C (pronounced C2) gives Lelouch the power of Geass.  With his new power, Lelouch can finally fight to destroy the Empire and fulfill his two wishes, to get revenge on his father and to create a world where him and his crippled and blind sister Nanally can live peacefully.  Lelouch disguises himself as the mysterious Zero and begins the struggle of power that will affect all of Britannia.

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