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  Bleach Characters 06/19/2019 7:51am (UTC)

On this page you can see a picture and profile of the characters on Bleach!

Ichigo Kurosaki:
Occupation: Soul Reaper and High School Student
Description: Ichigo Kurosaki is very hot tempered.  Despite his bad attitude, he cares for his friends deeply, especially his friend Rukia.  He'll do anything to protect the ones he loves, even sacrifice his life.  He's very practical about things and thrives to get stronger so he can protect his friends better.

Rukia Kuchiki
Occupation:Soul Reaper/ disquised as a high schooler
Description: Rukia Kuchiki is a very hot tempered girl.  She's not afraid to put Ichigo in his place when he needs it.  She's basically Ichigo's support system.  If he is losing in battle she cheers him on and gives him the strength to win.  She cares for her friends deeply, and loves juice boxes.

Renji Abari:
Occupation: Soul Reaper
Description: Renji Abari is a kind hearted guy.  He'd go as far as to kill to protect his friends.  He's Rukia's childhood friend and is very protective of her.

Uryuu Ishida
Occupation:Quincy/ High school student
Description: Uryuu is a Quincy, a being who can create spirit arrows.  He's very good at sewing and always has a smart comment.

Orihime Inoue
Occupation:Healer/High School student
Description: Orihime Inoue is a kind hearted, dense person.  She's always day dreaming or thinking up crazy meals she wants to eat.  She uses her spiritual powers to heal ppeole.

Yasutora Sado/ Chad
Occupation: High school student/ fighter
Description: Chad is a nice, big guy.  He loves animals and always protects anyone around when a hollow attacks.  He uses his spirit energy to transform his arm into a fighting weapon.  Ichigo is his best friend.


age: unknown
Description: Yoruichi is a princess, but left her throne to go into hiding.  She has recently come back and trains Ichigo to become stronger. She frequently takes on the form of a black cat.

Uruhara Kisuke
Occupation: Soul Reaper/ shop owner
Description: Uruhara Kisuke is always lightening the mood.  He never takes many things seriously.  When he is serious he's a strong opponent.  He is Yoruichi's childhood friend, and also trains Ichigo to become stronger.


Occupation: Elementary school student
Description:  Yuzu is Ichigo's little sister.  She's very kind and loves animals.  She hardly ever yells.  When Ichigo's mother died Yuzu took over cleaning the house and taking care of everyone.

Occupation: Elementary student
Description:  Karin is the more aggressive of Ichigo's siblings.  She always yells when it's needed and is not afraid to say what's on her mind.

Don Kanonji
Occupation: Ghost hunter
Description: Don Kanonji is what you'd call a ghost hunter.  He finds spirits and sends them to heaven.  Don Kanonji is more of a joke to the show.  He doesn't have much spiritual energy and is pretty much helpless against a hollow.

Occupation: High school student/ karate champian
Description: Tatuski is a very ruthless girl.  She's not afraid to punch anyone if they're getting on her nerves.  Her and Ichigo have known eachother since they were little, because they wen't to the same Karate school.  Her best friend is Orihime.

Momo Hinamori
age: Unknown
Occupation: Soul Reaper/ leutenant
Description: Momo is a kind, caring soul reaper.  She's not the type that enjoys fighting but she will if her friends are at stake.  She's stronger than she looks, and her best friend is Hitsuguya Toshiro, who she really cares for.  Momo uses the demon arts to attack her opponents.

Toshiro Hitsugaya
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Soul reaper/ captain
Description: Toshiro is short for his age. He is Momo's childhood friend. His specialty while fighting is ice. He would do anything to protect Momo against a threat. Toshiro acts heartless but he cares a lot.

Zaraki Kenpachi
Occupation: Soul reaper/ captain
Description: Kenpachi is a very strange character.  He always wants to fight someone, even if they are a soul reaper like him.  He always thrives to get stronger, and actually enjoys when he is cut in battle. Because he's one of the strongest people in the soul society, Kenpachi loves to battle someone who gives him a challenge.  His favorite opponent is Ichigo.

Keigo Asano
Occupation: High school student.
Description: Keigo is one of Ichigo's friends at school. He's a pretty simple character that shows up every once in a while. He adores Rukia and is a funny character.

Mizuiro Kojima
Occupation: High school student
Description: Mizuiro is a quiet character that doesn't pop up in the series that much. He is known to be into older women and has an older girlfriend.

Isshin Kurosaki
Occupation: Father/ former soul reaper
Description: Isshin is ichigo's dad. He is a very hyper father. He is always trying to catch Ichigo off guard and fight him. You rarely see him being serious.

Masaki Kurosaki
age: Unknown
Occupation: Mother
Description: Masaki is Ichigo's mother. She died when Ichigo was eight when she saved him from a hollow.

Occupation: Mod Soul
Description: Kon is a mod soul that had stolen Ichigo's body for a while. He winded up being put in a stuffed animal. Kon is very fond of Rukia.

No Picture

Occupation: Mod soul
Description: Kurodo is a mod soul that was once in the form of a magician guy. He is now a pink rabbit stuffed animal.

Occupation: Mod soul
Description: Noba is a mod soul that was once in the body of a ninja. He is now a green stuffed animal that resembles a cucumber.

Occupation: Mod soul
Description: Lirin is a mod soul that was once in the body of a young girl. She is now a doll.

Ryuken Ishida
Occupation: Quincy
Description: Ryuken is Uryuu's dad. He is a very mysterious character that you don't know much about.

No picture

Soken Ishida
age: Unknown
Occupation: Quincy
Description: Soken is Uryuu's grandfather and Ryuken's father. He was always believing that Quincy's and Soul Reapers should get along.

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