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  Bleach Episode Guide 06/19/2019 7:35am (UTC)

Episode 1 "A Shinigami is Born"
Ichigo befrinds a spirit of a girl, who was killed on the side of the street.  He encounters a hollow that day who is after the girl.  When he thought that he would surely die, a Shinigami (soulreaper) girl appears and saves him, but mysteriously disappears afterwards.  The girl shows up at his home a little later and a hollow attacks. The girl, known as Rukia, is injured and unable to fight.  The only way for Ichigo to save his family is to take he powers and become a soulreaper himself.  Can he defeat the hollow?

Episode 2 "Pay or Play"
The next morning, Ichigo decides to check on his family and finds out that they don't remember anything from last night.  He then goes to school and finds out that Rukia Kuchiki, the Shinigami, is now a transfer student there until she can regain her Shinigami powers.  She tells Ichigo that he must take over her job as a Shinigami and fight against the hollows.  Later, Ichigo discovers that a hollow was once Inoue Orihime's, a classmate of his, deceased older brother.

Episode 3 "Sibling Rivarly"
Orihime's brother attacks her and Tatsuki, Orihime's friend, at her house.  Ichigo shows up and fights against him.  Orihime's brother tries to regain control of himself so he doesn't kill his sister.  He finally manages to and gives one last goodbye before Ichigo sends him to the soul society.

Episode 4 "And Your Bird can Speak"
Chad discovers a parakeet in a cage that is said to bring bad luck.  He decides to take it in because of his love for animals.  Karin finds out that the bird is actually the spirit of a little boy whose mother was killed.  Karin makes Ichigo promise that he will save the boy.

Episode 5 "Beat the Invisible Enemy"
Rukia and Chad are fighting against the hollow.  Chad can't see the hollow, but with Rukia's help, they fight against it.  Rukia tells Chad to run with the bird and decides to fight against the hollow herself.  She is about to be defeated when Ichigo shows up and fights the hollow.  He defeats the hollow and it's sent to hell because of the sins it made when alive.

Episode 6 "Fight to the Death!  Ichigo vs Ichigo!"
Rukia picks up a temporary soul at Uruhara's shop.  Little does she know that it's not really a temporary soul, but a mod soul. While in Ichigo's body, the mod soul decides to haev fun.  Will Ichigo be able to get his body back?

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